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The Palestinian Women at the Forefront of Gaza's Protests

“Some tell us we can’t do what men do, some are afraid we will get hurt and others encourage us,” said 19 year old Aya Abeid. Aya, among many other Palestinian women have been actively protesting near the restricted Gaza-Israel border. Aya was injured when she rolled a tyre with fire toward the border, however she has been actively using her slingshot against Israeli soldiers. Palestinians near the Gaza strip having been fighting to return to their homeland for years. Today Palestinians protested in the fourth “Great March of Return” rally. This nonviolent grassroots movement has happened every Friday since March 30th and will go on until May 15th - which is the day after Israel declared independence or as Palestinians call it Nakba Day, meaning the “Day of Catastrophe”. Womens involvement in the protest has united and strengthened the movement.

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